FasTrac Lacrosse Academy

Blue Sky Sports Center has partnered with Neal DiBello and his FasTrac program to provide a Lacrosse Training Academy for boys in 1st through 7th grades.

Neal DiBello is from Syracuse, New York where he grew up playing lacrosse much like kids in Texas play soccer.  Lacrosse was his life from a very young age.  Neal went on to Princeton University where he was a 3 Time National Champion in Lacrosse.  Now he has over 20+ years of experience playing and coaching the game.

Now living in the North Texas area where lacrosse is becoming a fast growing sport he has brought his coaching talents to youth for several years now.  His FasTrac program and thus the FasTrac Academy are geared towards the box lacrosse game where kids get 3X the speed, shots, positional skill reps, ball handling, activity and intensity.

FasTrac Academy takes place three times a  year.  There are two sessions during the summer and one session during the winter.

SESSION 1 –  This session runs from early May through June.

SESSION 2 –  This session runs from mid-July through early September.

Session 3 – This session runs from November through January.

COST – $200 per session for one class per week.  $350 per session for two classes per week.

DAYS – Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

TIMES – 1st / 2nd graders 5:30-6:30pm; 3rd / 4th graders 6:30-7:30pm; 5th-7th graders 7:30-8:30pm

NO CLEATS ALLOWED – Turf shoes or running shoes only are allowed on our fields.