Kicks Leagues

Our Kicks League is for children ages 2 years to U8 (Under 8).  These leagues play on our junior field and are a great way for children to learn to play the game in a small sided enclosed setting.

The smaller the field the more each player touches the ball which increases their skills.

Our 2 year old league is our Tiny Kicks league.  This age is more of a “get to know your teammates” and “learn to kick the ball and score a goal” type of play.  Learning to play without Mom and Dad nearby and just building on their coordination at this age as well as learning to play with others is the focus.

Our 3 & U4 year old league is our First Kicks league.  This age group is more about playing as a team and realizing the object of the game is putting the ball in the goal.  The coach is on the field with the team at this age directing players where to line up and what to do.

Our U5 & U6 year old league is our Junior Kicks league.  By now players are aware of each other and who their opponent is.  They have learned to share the ball and pass to each other from time to time while trying to score.  The coach is not on the field with the team at this age.

Our U7 & U8 year old league is our Super Kicks and Premier Kicks leagues respectively.  At this age kids know the rules of the game and have learned positions and spacing and passing and shooting.  These leagues are scored leagues meaning the top two teams at the end of the season play in a championship game.