Youth League Information


YOUTH LEAGUE – U7 through U15 Age Groups  $660 Team Fee ($150 deposit required to register the team).  Referee fees are not included in the Team Fee.  Referee fees are $56 for the season ($14 per game for 8 games) and must be paid as the deposit for existing teams playing the current season and wanting to re-register for the upcoming season.  For new teams, $56 of the $150 deposit will be transferred to cover the referee fees.  An $18 Blue Sky Player ID card is required for each player.  The roster size is 18.  These age groups will play on the weekends with possibly some week night games scattered throughout the season (depending on the number of youth teams registered).  Games are on weekends and may be some on week nights scattered throughout the season.  Check with your facility to determine what days specific age groups play on.  
KICKS LEAGUE – 2 Years through U8 Age Groups  This league is a player fee (not a team fee) of $70 per player for Tiny Kicks (2 year olds; Coed) and $85 per player for First Kicks (3&4 year olds; Coed), Junior Kicks (5&6 year olds; Boys and Girls leagues) and Super Kicks (7&8 year olds; Boys and Girls leagues).  These age groups will play on the weekends.  Tiny Kicks, First Kicks, Junior Kicks Girls and Super Kicks Girls will play on Saturdays.  Junior Kicks Boys and Super Kicks Boys will play on Sundays.  Junior Kicks and Super Kicks players must have a $18 player ID card to play.  Roster size for Tiny Kicks is typically 5-6 and First Kicks, Junior Kicks and Super Kicks are typically limited at a maximum of 8-10.
Fall Season Registration Begins July 16th and Ends August 20th.  The Fall Indoor Season Begins the Weekend of 09/09/17