My First Real Post

This is my first post while learning how to use WordPress.


Caring is such a huge part of being successful. Caring means being customer service minded at all times. If you care about the people you work with, your customers, your staff, then people will recognize you are a person that they can come to for solutions.



Since this is a people business, you can consider the role of management as a sales position. We are always selling somebody something. Basically, you either sell them a great experience, or a not so great experience.  The goal is to sell them on a positive playing experience so that we can not only gain new customers from word of mouth, but also retain the current customers we do have.  If you have a positive attitude in every interaction with your customers, then you are going to be more successful in selling your business.



Problem solving is key when you are in the people business.   Therefore, having knowledge of your business, your customers, your staff, your products, your leagues, etc is a big part of customers recognizing you care.  When they come to you with a problem, they are going to expect you to know everything there is to know about the situation so that you can provide a solution.  If you have no knowledge of their problem or no knowledge of how to solve it, then you will come across as someone who doesn’t care.


Team work

It is extremely important that you and your team are all on the same page.  This means you, your assistant, your MODs, your part time staff and even the referees.  If everyone works together then a sense of team work will come across to your customers.  If everyone is doing their own thing, then they will sense no one cares.
Being Successful

Being successful in your business will happen if you apply all of the above.  If any one of the above isn’t covered by you and your team, then you won’t be successful to the extent that you and your facility need to be.