Youth Soccer Leagues

U7 through U15 Leagues for Boys and Girls

Blue Sky Sports Center provides indoor soccer leagues for both competitive and recreational teams for ages U7 through U15 on our larger main field.  This field measures 185′ long by 85′ wide.

SEASONS – We have 5 seasons a year for these age groups to play indoor.  These are Spring, Summer 1, Summer 2, Fall and Winter.

AGE GROUPS – The different age groups play a different number of players on the field and with a different size ball.  These are explained below.

–   U7 through U10 plays 8v8 (7 and a keeper) with one referee.  Size 4 ball

–   U11 through U13 plays 7v7 (6 and a keeper) with one referee.  Size 4 ball

–   U14 plays 7v7 (6 and a keeper) with two referees.  Size 5 ball

–   U15 plays 6v6 (5 and a keeper) with two referees.   Size 5 ball

Blue Sky will always try to group teams in their appropriate skill bracket for the season.  Sometimes we are limited to the number of teams that register for that particular season.  But we always strive to create the best possible experience for everyone involved.

IF we have to combine divisions (i.e. U10U11 or U14U15), then we will play by the YOUNGER age group rules.  So in these examples, it would be 8v8 for U10U11 and 7v7 for U14U15.

COST – The cost for a youth main field team age U7 through U13 for a season is $716 (this includes referee fees – one referee) for guaranteed 8 games.

The cost for a youth main field team U14 and U15 is $772 (this includes referee fees – two referees) for guaranteed 8 games.

DEPOSIT – The deposit (which is part of the total fee) must be paid at the time of registration and this is $150 for new teams (teams not playing the current season).  For teams that are playing the current season with us, their deposit is $75.

PLAYER CARDS – All players must have a non-expired Blue Sky player card to be able to play in our leagues.  These are $18 and are good for one year from the date they are issued.

NO CLEATS ALLOWED – Cleats are not allowed on our fields.  Only turf shoes or running shoes.